Mailing and Fulfillment Services

Let Printmark Services’ experienced team not only print your piece, but mail it too! We offer full mailing services that allow your organization to reach its target audience, even under the most demanding  deadlines. Just supply us with your mailing list and artwork and your printed piece will soon be in your customer’s mailbox.

The Printmark Services team are pros when it comes to US Postal Service regulations. We make sure that indicias, barcodes and addresses are correctly placed, as well as confirming that your postage amount is covered, whether using your permit or ours. Should your mailing list need adjustments, our mailing software can make the necessary modifications. As part of our postal presorting, we perform address validation, merging and purging of duplicate addresses, plus the NCOA (National Change of Address) and CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) processing of your list.

Does your business lack the space and time to store, assemble and distribute your pieces? We have the space and manpower to service your fulfillment needs. Let us quickly and efficiently handle your collation, kitting, manual assembly and unique packaging requirements.